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Minisoft Harvest Server

Minisoft Harvest Server version is a web platform where farmers can view the reports on salaries and products, generated in the field version. Initially, it was developed for larger farms with multiple PCs to view all the data in one place, but then it became clear that the server version is generally useful for higher visibility and monitoring.


  • Manage data from multiple PCs and field versions in one web platform
  • Track and export your data from any advice, anytime and anywhere (you are no longer restricted to a single PC
  • Create visual graphics based on your data
  • Track in real time the amount of collected software
  • Connect to a Telegram bot and request data on the weight of collected crops paid salaries, etc.

The server version is not a standalone program - it’s a useful extension for higher data visibility and multi-user integration. To collect data, purchase Minisoft Harvest: Field and Warehouse, desktop modules for managing all harvest processes from a single simple tool.

"Minisoft Harvest Server"

Minisoft Harvest Demo Version