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MiniSoft Harvest for PC

The hardware-software complex developed alongside "MinSoft Harvest" software product enables accounting and control of berries, fruits, and vegetable harvest, evaluates the efficiency, and manages salary payment to all the employees involved in the process.

Agroindustrial Complex "Minisoft Harvest" can be used in other fields of agriculture, except for plant growth, for example, to account for the production of milk, honey, therapeutic herbs, etc. - at any area where each product harvested should be accounted for and the productivity of workers on the site needs assessment.

Features of MiniSoft Harvest

Record data about crops (types and varieties of sorts, etc.), location (fields, plots, etc.), containers (brands, carrying capacity, weight).

Create employee records (both full-time and seasonal) in the database, high visibility of worker teams.

Mark containers for harvesting with labels printed on a printer with a unique barcode, which contains information about the type of crops, location, products, container, collection date, etc.

Manage workers’ distribution.

Weight crops and send the data from scales is transferred straight to PC and reception of picked crops.

Report information about harvested crops in batches.

Calculation salaries for employee according to the amount of collected crops and the cost of work, the possibility of payment of money directly at the facility.

Keeping records of harvested products (type of cultures, location, date of collection).

Keeping records of crops, objects, containers, date of collection, storage locations for all the products received in the warehouse.

Generate accurate reports on products, employees, salary, containers.


Local version of
Minisoft Harvest:Full


Field & Warehouse

  • Single system for one PC and connected hardware
  • Minisoft Harvest: Field for managing on-site processes"
  • Minisoft Warehouse for managing warehouse
  • No data synchronization with the server

Local version of
Minisoft Harvest Field


Only Field

  • Single system for one PC and connected hardware
  • Minisoft Harvest: Field for managing on-site processes
  • No Minisoft Harvest Warehouse integration
  • No data synchronization with the server

Server part of
MiniSoft Harvest


All Data in One Interface

  • View data from multiple workplaces (PCs and hardware)
  • Generate statistical reports on payment and workflows
  • Connect a personalized Telegram bot that will notify you about the production quantity, weight, benchmark completion

"MiniSoft Harvest for PC"

Minisoft Harvest Demo Version