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Technical support

MiniSoft assures its customers, the users of its software products, that our programs do not require constant technical support and, consequently, monthly subscription fees.

Therefore, realizing the occasional need for support of software users, MiniSoft offers several options for interaction between the company's specialists and customers.

Customers can contact the company's employees as needed, paying for the services received according to the current hourly rates.

Here’s what support entails:

  • reinstalling the program and related licenses (e.g., after reinstalling the operating system);
  • transferring the database program from one computer to another and its licensing;
  • setting up remote access to the database server on networked computers (except for the initial installation of the network version when purchasing the program);
  • checking the correctness of program operation and helping to correct errors, including at the database level;
  • connecting and adjusting program parameters of MiniSoft scales, label models, etc;
  • development and implementation of effective technologies for working with the software, based on the specifics of the client's business;
  • drafting an individual report according to the client's needs, according to a suggested sample.


Support our engineers
Remote assistance in restoring the database in case of PC failure, reinstalling the program

Technical support
Support our engineers on issues regarding software and hardware small fixes, etc. over messenger.

Remote connection to the client
Connecting to your Pc to fix issues
Update installation
Professional update of Minisoft Harvest from the development team
Minisoft Harvest Demo Version