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Is it convenient to work on a PC or laptop with MiniSoft Harvest in the field?

In short, yes. In four years, we have perfected two ways of receiving the crops and documenting the process on the PC.

  1. If the employee personally brings the collected crops to the reception point, farmers choose a spot that would be close to all the pickers. In this case, you need to put a PC in the most comfortable location. Since the software doesn’t require Internet, an online connection won’t be an issue.
  2. If the containers are picked up by a car (containers are put out by the end of every line), then it doesn’t really matter where you put the PC, since the car will be getting there at the end of the day/shift etc.

Is it convenient to label containers? Who does it and when?

Each worker will receive a small roll of labels printed specifically for them with unique barcodes before they begin work. The label with the barcone easily and securely sticks to both plastic and cardboard container surfaces. The code is based on employee's name. Each worker takes the container, not marked with a label before. After collecting the products, each worker independently glues one of the issued labels as he was shown at the briefing before work.

The code is scanned to monitor employee's efficiency, receive crops, and distribute workers across the field in the beginning of each shift.


Minisoft Harvest Demo Version