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About us

MiniSoft is a company founded by experienced professionals and entrepreneurs in March 2010. Its founders set themselves the task of massively developing and implementing software for businesses, especially small retailers and farmers.

Our mission is to help owners of small farms and businesses automate their processes in a cost-efficient and accessible way. Our software is not saturated with overly particular and rarely used features - instead, we prioritize simplicity and cost-efficiency. All of our products are one-time purchases: business owners invest once and benefit for decades.

Over the years MiniSoft confidently won its place in the retail and restaurant software market, and then grew to do automation for farmers, becoming the now most affordable solution on the market. Already thousands of people-farmers and owners, managers and employees of stores, boutiques, mini markets, cafes, beauty salons, pizzerias, car washes, and pharmacies-are working with the software every day, taking advantage of its features for efficient work.

We are willing to ensure that by working with MiniSoft's software, every customer gets tangible material results, real pleasure, and freedom from routine work, and can perform more creative tasks and get better results for their business.

We are proud that more than 150 farmers, companies, and entrepreneurs are our global partners and actively implement our programs at their customers' facilities. We are thrilled to grow together and open new accessible automation for farmers and business owners all over the world.

Minisoft Harvest Demo Version