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How are lemons harvested?

How are lemons harvested?

The working day in lemon fields starts very early in the morning, with the first rays of sunlight flooding the horizon. Before starting the pruning and harvesting of the lemon trees,  teams of experts holds a small assembly to organize the day, the work process to be followed and the harvesting cut.

Once all the points and work mechanics to be followed have been clarified, our operators dedicate their time to the preparation of the appropriate equipment and correct safety measures:

  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Safety goggles
  • Cushioned cups

Everything necessary to be able to carry out the lemon picking process as safely as possible. Already fully equipped, our team is divided into crews and prepares for the harvest.


Usually, lemons are carefully harvested with scissors. Each of our workers has a refined and perfected technique thanks to experience, because every gesture counts. In this way we achieve the best harvesting results, ensuring that the lemon does not suffer any rubbing or damage from the tree to the canopy.

Crews of workers designate the person in charge of selecting the lemons in different boxes according to their condition. When lemons are not considered in a suitable condition for export or to sell fresh and is used for citrus. That is, these lemons are sent for the production of juices, oils or to extract the pulp, since the lemon is used for everything.

With the harvest and the work on the farm finished, our pickers collect all the fresh lemons that have been discarded on the ground to be used for citrus, thus leaving the farm in perfect condition for a new day. Once the selection is done, each of the products is poured separately into bins, large crates designed to transport the lemon in perfect conditions.

At the same time, the bins loaded with lemons are collected by a machine and loaded onto a truck, separating the crates destined for citrus from those suitable for sale and export.

Finally, trucks loaded with lemons head to our facilities. There the lemons will be carefully selected again, handled and packed for later delivery.


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